Going on-line

February 9, 2011

Silicon Republic, the on-line technology site has had some very interesting headlines in their email updates of late and I thought I would pull out a couple that struck me as relevant to how people engage with the Internet these days…

Users spend 24 minutes per day on Social Networking sites – Cisco

Cisco tells us that Social networking sites have become a fundamental asset for more businesses, with more employees needing to use them to carry out their jobs.  However, many companies are still blocking access to social networking sites during work hours.

Irish software companies on Twitter double to 51%>

This reserach was carried out by Aisling Foley Marketing who tell us that the number of Twitter Irish software companies has doubled in the last year.  They advise us “It makes a huge difference adding the ‘Follow us on Twitter’ logo to your home and contact web pages.

Half of Irish mobile owners use Internet

Another survey just out by Sponge It for Mindshare Ireland who conducted the survey among 1,007 Irish respondents. They found that the most-used smartphone features on a daily basis was search, with 46pc of mobile owners utilising this feature. Email and social networking were tied as the second most-used feature at 39pc. They tell us ”Smartphones give consumers immediate access to brands when they want to find out more whenever or wherever they are”

Talking about smartphones…100.9 Million smartphones sold in Q4

of course, this is a worldwide statistic.  Seemingly Nokia and Apple hold greatest market share but the growth of Android system is helping Samsung sneak up on the others.