x box - pics4LearningHere in NELL we have just finished a really interesting usability research project working with IPSO Consulting.  IPSO are developing a management training game via e-learning and commissioned testing to understand more about the users’ experience in this game.

While analysing data we looked at good practice in design of e-learning games.  A recent study on the design and motivation of learners in e-learning games produced a scale highlighting the important areas to consider when designing games for e-learning (EGame Flow: A scale to measure learners’ enjoyment of e-learning, Fong-Ling, Rong-Chang & Sheng Chin 2009). 

The EGame Flow Scale talks about 8 key factors to consider when analysing e-learning games. We found this scale very useful when analysing the players behaviour and experience during the game.  Those 8 factors are identified as:

  • Concentration
  • Goal Clarity
  • Feedback
  • Challenge 
  • Autonomy
  • Immersion
  • Social Interaction
  • Knowledge Improvement 

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