How long does your customer spend on your site before they leave?  And what makes them bounce away…

What is a bounce rate? ball

A great defination from Enterprise Ireland Open Up on-line Resource;

‘Bounce rate’ is a term used when analysing the behaviour of website visitors. Your site’s bounce rate provides an assessment of how long web surfers stay on your site when visiting, so it’s a measure of whether users found what they were looking for on the site after they arrived or were interested enough to stay around and explore. A high bounce rate means that people who arrived at your site – perhaps via an ad or a search engine result – left almost immediately. If your bounce rate is consistently high, you will need to re-evaluate your webpages and see what can be done to improve the user experience – for example, making sure you have relevant content on the site.

Understand your user experience by getting IT tested…  Then improve IT.

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