Since NELL’s opening in December 2008, we have been involved in a variety of different usability research projects with organisations both large and small.

We have worked with a number of SMEs on different projects ranging from usability testing of on-line maths and accountancy support programmes through to a research project analysing what people look at when presented with the results of a Google Search.  Many of those projects were funded through the Enterprise Ireland through their Innovation Voucher Initiative.

Larger institutions such as NALA, the National Adult Literacy agency, also recognise benefits of usability testing and have just completed a  usability research project with NELL, looking at the usability attributes of NALA’s new on-line literarcy tool, website to support service users improve their reading, writing and number skills.

Tom O’ Mara, Distance Learning Co-ordinator for NALA said:

 The testing we did with NELL has proved very useful to us and given us some insights I think we would have found hard to get elsewhere.”

Caroline Carswell of Irish Deaf Kids said:

“The very best part for us, was receiving NCI’s final report with comprehensive details of the volunteers’ usability test processes, which flagged key areas of difficulty.”

Some of the clients we have worked with in the last two years:


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