What are your users looking at when they look at your website?

Users’ behaviour is be recorded using SMI Begaze eye-tracking technology. We use remote eye-tracking technology (RED4) to analyse the users’ gaze behaviour. Two infra-red cameras located next to the computer screen scan the user’s eye movements. After a short calibration phase the software can determine the exact gaze position and we can record what the user sees at any point on the screen at any time.  The gaze position can then be matched against content on the screen.  We can then produce  heatmaps and scanpath images and movies which show what user was looking at.

 Gaze position movies: show  the users’ gaze position and mouse activity.

Heatmap movies: show the users’  fixations on screen, using the colour scale between violet (less hits) and red (most hits).  The red areas received most attention by users.

Scanpath movies: show the users gaze postion on a plot of which areas they first view on screen.  The larger the cirlce, the longer the fixation.

Attention/Focus Movies:  show areas of interest and areas of screen which have been ignored by users..


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