Social TV

August 22, 2011

TV is rapidly growing from a mere consumption channel into a social experience. We saw in previous projects, that people seem to like chatting, posting and tweeting while watching TV. Whether football, X-Factor or Eurovision contest, people like to share their views. They critique, criticise, cheer, slag and comment on-line on what’s happening (or on what’s not happening). This response from viewers is not only entertaining, it is also of interest from a marketing perspective. Do viewers find our new ad campaign funny? Now you can find out. Immediately.

Just last week started a project with ClipSure and Modeva. They offer an innovative way to track the effects of TV marketing campaigns on social media. They developed technology to analyse ads and the response to these ads across channels in a systematic way.


One Response to “Social TV”

  1. abireynolds Says:

    Looks like an interesting project Stephan. I heard an interesting talk last year discussing TV marketing campaigns and how they gel with social media. The brand Plenty household towels had created a very successful TV ad with zorro-like character – Juan Sheet and the message -Juan Sheet does plenty- and he became very popular in social media space and generated alot of awareness for the brand. But always an interesting challenge to measure what impact this has on the bottom line of sales.

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