Get your dot conf on…

May 27, 2011

Yes it’s back!  Due to popular demand the dot conf will be running for a second year on Thursday 2 June in NCI.   We had great fun last year and at the same time managed to learn a useful thing or two along the way.  And once again, the team in NELL are delighted to presenting a deep dive session entitled:

The eYe Factor; how to improve your website through eye-tracking

Why come to this event?

Did you know? Vision dominates and uses 50 per cent of the brain’s cerebral cortex, which plays  a key part in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language, and consciousness

Eye-tracking is based on the Eye-mind hypothesis  that says that people look at what they are thinking about.    Eye-tracking data is a useful part of UX research in that it allows us to better explain elements of people’s behaviour when they are engaging with on-line applications.

So come along and find out more about how eye-tracking works and what  lessons we have learned here in NELL and how these can be used to improve your own designs. 

But be warned! this is a participatory event  – you might just become part of the show…


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