Innovation vouchers open again.. €5K to work with NCI

February 15, 2011

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers are open once again and small companies can now apply for  €5K worth of funding to work with research institutes like NCI to improve and develop their business.

Usability testing @ NELL

Usability measures the ease of use of a system or website and looks at whether intended users can carry out tasks successfully and efficiently. In our usability lab, we have undertaken usabilty research with over 15 small companies in the last two years. Here’s what one client had to say about the experience. 

This study was incredibly useful as in re-enforced Calom Technolgies’ vision for the product and pointed out which areas of the application needed improvedment” 
Adrian Skehill, Owner of Calom Technolgies.

In NELL we can observe and analyse how real users use your system. We will then provide a detailed report on users’ experience, with eye-tracking videos highlighting any areas for improvement.

AND you can apply to Enterprise Ireland for a 5,000 Innovation Voucher to undertake testing with NELL.

See our projects section for more information on previous projects or email Abi on or call on 01 4498 664 for more info.  

Application ends 28 Feb 2011


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