Facebook going mobile… your Place?

November 4, 2010

Facebook now has 200 million mobile users and is busy working on many mobile apps. 

Not least of them is Facebook Places Write API which develops services based around location.   Facebook Places  allows users to share where they are and what are doing with Facebook friends via their mobile.  Although recently made available (Sept 2010) in UK, Facebook Places is not yet available here.  

Retail will never be the same again and this gives brand marketing and advertising a powerful new tool to build loyalty and customer base.


3 Responses to “Facebook going mobile… your Place?”

  1. David Conde Says:

    It will be interesting to see how well it takes off.

    I’ve used Google places from my Android phone before to find good places to eat. I’ve found that worked out quite well. Seeing user reviews while you stand outside the building can really take out the guess factor.

  2. nellatnci Says:

    Yes, hi Dave..

    It will be intersting, useful and a bit scary… nowhere left to hide..

  3. nellatnci Says:

    Update from FB 17 DEC 2010 “While we have no plans to announce today regarding availability in Ireland, we intend to expand our location data to include more countries and are always working hard to bring our products and features to every user around the world,” FB spokesperson

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