Are we heading towards the Clouds?

March 16, 2010


There has been awful lot of talk about Cloud Computing and how it’s going to be the next big thing in IT and business applications.  However, recent research from Europe tells us that us that while most companies do see the potential benefits of Cloud Computing, many are still unsure of its implementation. The survey carried out by Vanson Bourne for CA, interviewed people from 550 companies in 14 countries across Europe. It showed that the firms main concerns re Cloud Computing were management (48 percent) and security (36 percent).   That said, companies in the report did say that they see Cloud Computing as here to stay.

One Irish company operating in this space and going from strength to strength is Aspeon business Intelligence.    Aspeon deliver a range of business applications and software solutions over the Internet.  Aspeon are currently working with our research team here in NELL to undertake user experience and usability testing on one of their helpdesk applications.  We look forward to learning more…

Image from: Dupuy, Nancy. cloud1.jpg. 2007. Pics4Learning. 16 Mar 2010 <;


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