Mice Behaviour

January 8, 2010

Are we now doing research on animals?


No, we are exploring how people use their mouse when reading on a screen. Many people seem to show typical mouse usage patterns that allows us to estimate what they have read. In a collaborative study, we got 32 participants (some of them from here in Ireland and some of them through our research partner in Austria) to read a number of different texts, e.g., news items, a medical text, Google search results and an on-line course.

While they were reading we tracked their gaze position and recorded their mouse & keyboard usage. We haven’t analysed the data in detail yet, but it looks very interesting so far. More details to be follow..

For more information, contact Stephan Weibelzahl:

E: Stephan.weibelzahl@ncirl.ie
T: 01 4498 579



2 Responses to “Mice Behaviour”

  1. Mark Melia Says:

    This is really interesting stuff. I have noticed students using the mouse for highlighting text when reading and I assumed to keep there place in the text. Great to see someone looking into this behaviour.

  2. Stephan Says:

    We have analysed some of the data now. Selecting text, clicking and even just moving the mouse are strong indicators that some text has been read. Depending on the usage pattern, we found correlations between mouse and gaze position of .70 and higher.

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