23% of visitors scroll down on a first visit to a website. 77% Don’t.

December 8, 2009

From Jacob Neilson.. but we suspected as much already, didn’t we? 

This and many other highly interesting and valuable usability tips  came from Paddy Cosgrave  in his ‘4o Insights in 40 Seconds’  summary presentation of  insights  gained in the recent Dublin Web Summit.   Other great usability tips from his summary:

  • Users focus on faces  but if  the face is looking in a different direction than the user focus will be drawn from there
  • Poor product information results in 8% of usability problems and 10% of user failure –Prioritizing Web Usability (Neilson)
  • Whitespace between paragraphs and in the left and right margin increases comprehension by almost 20%
  • Blue is best for links – Van Schaik & Ling
  • The ideal search box is 27 Characters – Neilson
  • 5 Users find 85% of problems – Alertbox Study

Watch Paddy’s full presentation on YouTube’

Actually it’s 55 seconds, but who’s  counting 🙂 … a great summary… Thanks Paddy!


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