We like MP3s when we are learning

October 22, 2009

Researchers at NELL have just completed a usability research project for PocketManager, an Irish organisation providing management training resources in areas such as Time Management, Stress Management and Team working. Currently, these training resources are provided as traditional physical books and as eLearning for PCs to individuals and organisations. PocketManager is developing mobile device versions of their training materials and the purpose of this research was to determine the most appropriate mobile device format for future users.

mobile phone

mobile phone

 During the study we made the training materials available to participants in Word format, PDF format and audio (MP3). We asked users to read or listen to the materials in all three formats and to access the materials via their computers,MP3 devices and mobile phones. Analysis of data told us that all participants preferred the MP3 format of delivery when using the training materials.

Users say they would like to use the MP3 format in the future, as they found this format extremely flexible and easy to use. Some of the group also liked using the word document in conjunction with the MP3.

The outcome of this research will inform PocketManager’s on-going mobile development of their range of management training resources.

This research was funded by the Innovation Voucher Initiative from Enterprise Ireland. Next round of funding November 2009….


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