In the beginning..

May 27, 2009

Blogging and usability; what’s it all about?

 Why blog about usability? Here in National E-Learning Laboratory (NELL)… we like asking questions… Lots of questions..  questions like what do your users think of your website?  How long does it take them to do what they want to do? Do they like it?

And as a College, National College of Ireland especially want to understand more about e-learning and how technology can support learning. We want to know more about how students learn in on-line environments. 

Why do we want to know? Because once we better understand the users’ on-line experience, we can then work towards improving and building on that experience…

And why blog about it?  Well, we launched NELL just six months ago and have been pretty busy undertaking lots of usability research projects and learning many interesting things.  We thought a blog a good way of sharing our experiences.  

And frankly, these days; its seems Blogosphere is the place to be..


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